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 Pavement parking

Pavement parking creates hazards for pedestrians, particularly blind people, children, and wheelchair and pushchair users because it forces people out in to the road, putting them at risk from traffic.

Pavements aren’t designed to carry the weight of a vehicle: parking on pavements cause damage which adds to our maintenance costs

Don’t park on a pavement – driving on (including onto) a pavement is illegal and you can be fined up to 20,000ugx  if witnessed or clamped by our enforcement team.

Multiplex wardens can issue parking tickets for parking on double yellow lines or other parking restrictions with in Kampala city and also blocking traffic flow among other street parking contraventions . We can also issue Advisory Notices for any kind of pavement parking.

Multiplex Enforcement Officers

Multiplex enforce parking restrictions using powers issued by the Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) with an aim to modernize and improve street parking management in the streets of Kampala city. This means parking enforcement is our responsibility, but the police are responsible for illegal offenses, such as dangerous parking and obstruction.

Multiplex patrols all streets of Kampala city  with pay and display parking meeter devices , double yellow lines and other parking restrictions, as well as off-street car parks. We check whether cars are parked appropriately and issue parking tickets to vehicles parked in contravention of the Traffic Regulation Orders.

Once a parking ticket has been issued the multiplex conductor, the driver can’t withdraw or cancel it you should make a simple payment through mobile money or pay using parking tickets available throughout Kampala .

Tips for Motorists

         How to control / minimize expense on Parking:

  1. Buy Parking Sticker at the beginning of every month if you Park regularly
  2. When you Park, make sure that you pay promptly using Parking Tickets.
  3. In case you are unable to pay at the location, you can pay later using Mobile Money or at our Outlets within Two working days from date of Parking.

illustration of illegal double parking by this motorist 

Avoid Parking in No Parking Areas to avoid Inconvenience and costs

  1. Entebbe Road both sides
  2. Nasser Road right hand side
  3. Kimathi section along Airline House
  4. Lower Luwum
  5. Pilkington Road – Double Parking
  6. Umeme Lane
  7. Roundabouts
  8. Pavements
  9. Corners

iii)   Reservation of Parking

Reservation of Parking is currently very restricted due to very high demand for Parking and reducing number of available Parking Bays.  Currently, Reserves can be considered for Financial Institutions, Government and Construction Sites.

For any questions of feedback related to Street Parking, please contact us on:

Phone:          0312 360100


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