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USSD Payment and Bill checking procedure:


2. Payments

3.Fees and Taxes (option 1 Multiplex parking)

Follow the prompts to complete payments

Airtel payment procedure

  1. *185#
  2. Payments (5)
  3. Multiplex(2)
  4. Select Pay Multiplex(1)
  5. Enter vehicle registration number
  6. Enter Amount
  7. Enter your pin to complete payment

Ticket and electronic payment procedure

Don’t ignore your ticket!

  • If you accept the parking ticket then you should pay it as soon as possible. If you fail to pay within 48 hours of receiving the ticket you will have pay a surcharge worth 2,000 ugx as a fine.
  • If you have failed to find a payment ticket, please make payment through the mobile money platform using any of your preferred service providers.make a payment. Once you have paid the ticket you have accepted liability and closed the case, so you can’t then challenge it.
  • If you wish to reserve or purchase a monthly parking sticker, please visit any of our branches all over Kampala. only 50% of the fine.

We are able to discuss individual parking tickets and offer assistance over the phone. please call us on 0393360100 8am – 7pm

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